Wally Sombero in Philippines protective custody

Reason for former police chief's "protective custody" now clear.
The news last week that former police officer and casino facilitator Wally Sombero was in the "protective custody" of the Philippines National Investigation Bureau triggered speculation that he has turned state’s evidence, and reports Monday appear to confirm this.
Apparently Sombero surrendered himself to the NIB and offered to tell them everything he knows about the bribery allegations swirling around two senior Immigration officials and Chinese online casino operator Jack Lam .
Sombero allegedly fears for his life, and his cooperation led to the NIB coming into possession of video footage which allegedly depicts Sombero handing over five paper bags, each containing R10 million in bribe money, to Michael Robles and Al Argosino – two assistant Bureau of Immigration commissioners accused of taking bribes to release 600 of 1,316 illegal Chinese workers arrested at the Clark Freeport two weeks ago.
Anonymous NIB sources have also indicated that the BI head of intelligence, Charles Calima, was present when the cash was handed over in a restaurant, and is therefore also under suspicion.