Wednesday September 7, 2011 :  Politician wants to put the kibosh on legalization bill
Threats by Washington DC councilman Jack Evans to rein in the District’s legalization of online gambling  came closer this week when Evans wrote to the city’s Office of the Inspector General requesting that he include the online gambling law in his investigation into questionable lottery practices in the District.
The Washington Examiner reports that Evans is concerned at what he sees as the successful but stealthy passage of the bill attached to a supplementary budget measure in April.
In a letter dated Tuesday this week, Evans advised Inspector General Charles Willoughby that he "should include i-gaming" in his current investigation of the D.C. Lottery contract award.
According to the letter, Evans and Willoughby spoke last week on both topics, with both seeming to agree that internet gambling should be investigated.
Evans, who chairs the Committee on Finance and Revenue, also plans on holding a public hearing on the D.C. Lottery in October, and is expected to add the i-gaming enquiry to the agenda.
Congress has not yet commented or objected to the passage of the legalization bill in its own backyard.