To guide economic growth.

New Jersey-based market survey company Spectrum Gaming Group (SGG) has been commissioned by the Washington State Gambling Commission to prepare the State’s first ever economic market study on gambling.

“The results of this study will be a powerful economic tool for the state and tribes that will allow us to build on our success and help the state, businesses, tribes, and citizens guide economic growth with investment and with our values,” Commission Chair Chris Stearns said.

SGG has been tasked with:

–    Outlining the existing gaming market (other than lottery and horse racing) in Washington State and forecast potential growth.

–    Measuring the economic impacts in Washington State for commercial, non-profit, and Tribal gaming, including: employment, fantasy sports, gambling facilities, gambling trends, internet gambling, introduction of new or modernized gambling activities/games, mobile games, population trends, revenues, technology impacts, and tourism effects.

Results of the survey are expected to be presented in the third quarter of 2016.