Gillette Partners with We R Interactive

Newly launched football club sees potential in social football game
Following the launch of the Gillette Football Club, Gillette has partnered with U.K.-based social entertainment company, We R Interactive with a view to driving registrations to the Club.
We R Interactive’s online football game, I AM PLAYR, will feature as the first and only game on the Gillette Football Club and Gillette will be woven into the game through a host of innovative narrative integrations available to I AM PLAYR users who subscribe to Gillette Football Club, beginning with a Gillette Sports Science Centre.
The Gillette Sports Science Centre will give I AM PLAYR users opportunities to meet with the Gillette Sports Science Centre staff that comprises a Head of Sports Science, Sports Psychologist and Elite Performance Director, who can provide specialized treatments that boost the user’s on-pitch abilities, such as shooting, dribbling and passing.
Other innovative marketing inclusions on the game will reinforce the link between the Gillette brand value of confidence and its relationship with elite sporting performance said a company statement.
I AM PLAYR is an online football game that lets the user play the life of a professional footballer both, on and off the pitch. Through a fusion of live-action video featuring Premiership players, interactive storytelling and first-person perspective 3D game play, the game has grown a large global audience, with over 6.8 million players playing across 220 countries, We R Interactive reports.