World Match and JPMi Release New Gambling Games

Thursday, May 3,2012 : NEW ONLINE GAME RELEASES
World Match and JPMi's latest offerings
World Match (WM) released its latest online 3D multi-line slot titled "Into the Woods".
This 5-reel game features two squirrels named Winny and Daysy who lead the player through an enchanted forest in search of treasure and features a bonus game that entails the player choosing one of six hazel nuts to reveal a prize, a Spin Stop feature, Free Spins and Wilds.
The successful lo-tech JPM terrestrial classic "Kerching" has been adapted to the online environment by JPM's interactive arm.
The much anticipated 3-reel online slot version will be instantly recognisable to those familiar with the land casino game with features including hidden bonuses and dedicated symbols awarding access to streak features and a progressive award card.
JPMi’s Managing Director Andrew Davies said: “In principle Kerching is specifically a more lo-tech game which players online can now enjoy at their own pace, discovering all its various features.
“From an operator’s perspective, the JPMi games retain attention for a much longer period than standard slots whilst instilling confidence in players and simultaneously delivering an entertaining and genuine value for money experience.”