Latest game includes multiplayer poker
The latest game in the Microsoft XBox series of Red Dead Redemption games presents an interesting illustration of game and technology convergence.
The game boasts a Liars and Cheats Pack that includes multiplayer versions of Poker and Liar's Dice where players are awarded a notional ‘gambling allowance' of $200 a day. If they bust out, they will not be able to play until their funds are replenished after 24 hours have elapsed.
With outstanding graphics depicting a table seating some pretty dangerous looking avatars, 2-6 players can compete in Armadillo, Beecher’s Hope, Casa Madrugada, MacFarlane’s Ranch or Thieves’ Landing. 
The initial buy-in varies depending on choice of location, with MacFarlane’s Ranch being the lowest and Beecher’s Hope being the highest.
Liars Dice can also be played with 2-6 players in Casa Madrugada, Escalera and Thieves’ Landing.  Similar to Poker, Liar’s Dice buy-ins will vary depending upon location.  Escalera is the lowest buy-in while Thieves’ Landing is the highest.
Players launch either game from new respective multiplayer playlists or via Free Roam by finding their icons on the map and going to it.