XCaliber Launches

Technical innovation the goal for XCaliber new business area.
Swedish gambling group Cherry announced the launch Friday of a new fully independent gaming technology B2B business area called XCaliber, which it described in a company statement as a centre of technical gaming innovation and services.
XCaliber will help Cherry to sell its gaming platform and technology to partners and operators, creating further shareholder value and growth through the expansion into a new business area, as well as strengthening the companies position as an innovator and hub for entrepreneurs within the gaming industry.
Cherrys drive in recent years to attract technical talent  in order to build its in-house system infrastructure and platform has resulted in almost unlimited scalability to increase opportunities for business relationships with B2B partners and support the groups iGaming’s multi-brand strategy.
Through XCaliber, Cherry will bring to market its tracking software tool Omarsys, payments and fraud aggregator systems and a robust and flexible gaming platform – combining quality technology solutions and know-how in the gaming industry.
XCaliber will work closely with Cherry iGaming’s existing brands and new customers by providing access to its leading platform as well as helping to deliver first-mover innovations in the gaming industry.
XCaliber will be headquartered in Malta with a supporting tech team in Poland, and will be headed up by Cherry iGaming CTO Dario Arruda.
Fredrik Burvall, CEO of Cherry AB said: “We now have five business areas with different diversified revenue streams which is following the strategy we rolled out two years ago. This also enables the entrepreneurs Cherry has within the company to expand and grow within the group.”
Jonas Wahlander, CEO of the Cherry iGaming, said: "Having invested heavily in our technology over the past few years, the launch of XCaliber is the natural next step for the Cherry Group”.