New York Attorney General Going After Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports

Wednesday November 18,2015 :  SNEIDERMAN TAKES AIM AT YAHOO DFS

Determined to rid the State of DFS which he categorises as illegal gambling.

New York Attorney General Eric Sneiderman has turned his sights on Yahoo’s daily fantasy sports (DFS) offer including the company in its investigation on FanDuel and DraftKings.

In response, Yahoo said it will continue to service New York State daily fantasy sports players as it believes it offers “a lawful product for our Daily Fantasy Sports users” but will continue to monitor industry trends and events closely.

In related news, New York State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer introduced bill S06092 earlier this week in support of daily fantasy sports. The bill proposes exempting all forms of fantasy sports games from being classed as a contest of chance but is unlikely to be heard in the current session.

“Time and time again, New York has stood in the way, whether by over-regulation or outright banning, of activities that are legal and enjoyed in most states across the country,” Ranzenhofer said. “This bill further protects the rights of businesses and individuals who wish to engage in this type of commerce in the state of New York.”