Gambling On You Tube Video Success

Video popularity and online gambling in the mix
Munich-based online betting platform start-up BetTube launched Friday with a unique concept that combines online gambling and predictions on the future popularity of YouTube videos.
Users bet on how many new views a targeted video will receive over the following 12 hours.  The betting platform rules encourage users to bet on videos with low view counts (usually below 1000) that may very well have thousands or more views the next day.
Additionally BetTube said it will aggregate the bets into a blog of videos that are likely to go viral in the near future.  By crowdsourcing bets, the company said it will be the website that features viral videos first.
According to Clemens Ley, founder of BetTube, marketing opportunities abound with YouTube being the third most visited website worldwide by hundreds of millions of users.
"BetTube will be the go to destination to find the viral videos before they go viral. At the same time BetTube creates a completely new form of online gambling. Video and gambling are extremely engaging concepts, and their combination will be even more powerful," said a company statement.