Fortuna Entertainment Group appoints Zdenek Lang

Lottery and sports betting marketing efforts to be combined
Zdenek Lang has been appointed as the new marketing director of Fortuna Entertainment Group (Fortuna) following the merge of the group's sportsbetting and lottery marketing teams to maximise efficiency of its marketing activities.
Further announcements include the departure of Lenka Janouchova, the current marketing director of Fortuna Loterie and the redeployment of its current sports betting division marketer Vladan Crha to the position of director of investor relations for the group reporting to interim chief executive officer Wilf Walsh effective as of February 2012.
“This year’s marketing priority will be the strong support of further development of the Lottery project. I thank Lenka for all we succeeded during the last year in establishing the new lottery business. I am sure Zdenek will follow up with the successful entrance of Fortuna into the Czech lottery market where we have gained significant market share in a short six months,” said Wilf Walsh, interim chief executive officer, Fortuna Entertainment Group.