Zen launched Gambling Browser Apps

Positioned to take advantage of social games convergence to real-money play
Games developer Zen Entertainment Incorporated is seemingly aligning itself for the eventuality of legal internet gambling in the U.S. with the launch of a suite of PC and Mac-compatible browser-based applications for use with its network of free-to-play casino type titles.
Along with the browser-based applications, the release includes a download version for use with its Zen Tournament Cloud Network that hosts WWE Poker and South Point Poker.
Craig Billings, chief executive officer for Zen commented: “We see an accelerating convergence between social games and, ultimately, wager-based play. We are positioning our product to meet those demands and serve an increasingly sophisticated range of online games consumers. This strategy lets our network partners position themselves on the forefront of the rapidly evolving online games industry quickly and affordably.”
The software suite will be augmented by the addition of an iOS application in the near future.