Pokerstars Sunday Million Winner Underage

Posted 3/10/11 : Finalist in Sunday Million loses out on over half a million dollars
The excitement and massive winnings that attended the record fifth anniversary Pokerstars Sunday Million tourney this week  has been dampened by news of a disqualification involving one of the finalists…a move that will cost him over half a million dollars.
Sixth finisher ‘zeurrrr' was part of a nine-way chop that gave him $518 042 when the event ended, but it has since transpired that the Dutch player was under the age of eighteen and apparently lied to Pokerstars on registration. In his home country the minimum age to gamble is eighteen, so according to the T&C's he can be disqualified and his prize money is forfeit.
Speaking on Dutch television, Pokerstars spokesman Simon Keijzer revealed that the 17-year-old zeurrrr will not be eligible for the prize money, which will presumably be recycled among the other eight finalists.
Zeurrrr apparently qualified for the big event in a $2 satellite.