Donald Trump Interested in 888

"We're talking to a number of parties in the US," internet gambling firm spokesman confirms.
Coming on the heels of April Fools Day, reports in the Times newspaper this week that American casino mogul Donald Trump was negotiating with on internet poker possibilities, were understandably treated with some caution; but it now appears that the reports were genuine.
Both Trump and were non-specific in their response to questions, merely revealing that they were talking to a diversity of possible partners.
Late last year Trump partnered with hedge fund giant Marc Lasry in moves toward online gambling in the event of US legalization (see previous InfoPowa reports).
At the time Trump told Fortune magazine: “This has to happen because many other countries are doing it and like usual the U.S. is just missing out. It seems inevitable, but with this country you never know if it’s inevitable.”
It now appears that the gears are starting to mesh…and that has been reflected in a surge of interest in's shares.