888ladies advertising banned

5/21/10 – The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned another online bingo television advertisement, this one by 888 Ladies.com.
The advertising watchdog reviewed the material for 888’s GBP 5 Million Golden Ticket television advertisement after a complaint by a member of the public that the promotion, which offered a top prize of GBP 5 million, constituted misleading advertising.
The complaint was that the odds of winning the GBP 5 million jackpot were 1 in 25778699578994555700, and therefore so long that players could only win the game by matching all 24 numbers on their card in 24 calls. This was clearly close to impossible and nothing like it had ever been accomplished in online bingo, the complainant alleged.
The ASA adjudicator found in favour of the complainant and has directed that the advertisement is to be withdrawn because it contravenes CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Code rules 5.1.1, 5.1.2 5.1.3 (Misleading advertising) and 5.2.3 (Misleading advertising – qualification).
The Golden Ticket game offered GBP 5 million to the first player who matched the first 24 numbers in 24 calls. After that the prize money decreases on a sliding scale for every additional number that is drawn. At 40 balls the prize money remains at a constant GBP 50 000 regardless of the number of additional balls drawn out.