Problem Gambling Email Backfires on Online Poker Player

888Poker takes indicators of problem gambling seriously, says company spokesman
A disgruntled online poker player at 888Poker found himself sitting with a six month problem gambling exclusion this week after emailing the site support centre with a litany of misfortune and tough living conditions he and his family now faced following his lack of success at the 888 poker tables.  The player also hinted at a possible lawsuit connected with the site's products.
Whether the email was sent in jest, in frustration or in the hope of some sort of monetary relief is not clear, but the reaction at 888Poker was immediate and decisive as problem gambling indicators kicked in, prompting the site management to trigger a mandatory six month problem gambling exclusion…a precautionary measure indicating how serious the site regards any suggestion of compulsive activity.
“Such comments demonstrate a willingness to pursue losses, which can lead to further losses,” a company official told the player this week, adding that there were concerns that the player may be vulnerable to compulsive gambling and the financial damage that this could bring about.
“As a company that actively promotes responsible gambling we feel it is our duty to try to avoid that our members develop personal and/or financial difficulties due to the use of our service,” the official concluded.