90-ball bingo win of GBP 90 000

December 13,2011 : BIG WIN ON BINGO
Jackpotjoy player racks up a 90-ball bingo win of GBP 90 000
Really big online bingo wins tend to be the exception rather than the rule on internet bingo sites, but this week a Jackpotjoy player managed one, racking up GBP 90,000 on a 90-ball version of the popular game.
A new player using the ‘handle' ‘Miss JanaS’ took home the windfall, but unfortunately the publicity blurb from the operator was so intent on extolling the virtues of the site that it overlooked the winner's reactions to her huge hit and how she intends to spend it!
It appears that the win stemmed from a progressive jackpot, but there is little useful and pertinent information in a statement full of site-marketing hype that focused more on the website than the player.