Brian Townsend leaves Cardrunners

6/3/10 – Brit poker pro Brian Townsend has blogged that he is leaving his post as top instructor at the CardRunners organisation following careful consideration.
"When I joined CardRunners back in 2007, I joined because I thought it was a great company and because I wanted to gain experience helping run my own small business. CardRunners is still a great business but it is one that is much more time consuming than I would have imagined,” Townsend wrote, hinting that he no longer has the time to devote to the enterprise. 
“I value the friendships I have created here immensely,” he continued, “but over the previous months I have started to realise that it is time for me to move on and devote my time to playing poker."
Townsend is perhaps best known for his participation in high stakes online poker games at Full Tilt Poker, but he is also a formidable cash game and live tournament player.
Townsend’s announcement comes barely a month after fellow CardRunners instructor Cole South declared his intention to leave.