Chino Rheem Wins Epic Poker League main event

Sunday August 14,2011 : $1 million prize for poker pro
Shaking off allegations of financial indebtedness to other poker pros, Chino Rheem focused on his game and won a million dollars Saturday, fighting his way through a tough final table in the Epic Poker League main event in Las Vegas to claim victory.
The seats around that final table were occupied by some of the canniest and experienced professionals in the game who had outlasted an initial entry field of 137 in the competition, the League's first since its recent formation
Hasan Habib held the chip lead over a final table that comprised Rheem, along with fellow pros Erik Seidel, Jason Mercier, Huck Seed and Gavin Smith.
The action lasted for around ten hours, presenting railbirds with an impressive display of skill and emotional control as Rheem, who started final table play third in chips, powered his way to a 50 hand heads up with Erik Seidel that led to his ultimate victory.
Seidel collected the runner-up prize of $604,330, and even Huck Seed's sixth placing was worth $107,980.