Crowdpark to fuel the development of new games

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 : SOCIAL BETTING STARTUP HAS BIG PLANS
Games developer ventures from Facebook to mobile towards casino-style gaming
Berlin-based social gaming developer Crowdpark will use $ 6 million raised from German venture capital firms to fuel the development of new games and cross-platform functionality of its popular social betting game Bet Tycoon.
Bet Tycoon's patented "dynamic betting" technology allows gamers to compete against each other with live betting on real world events in real time with virtual currency.
Crowdpark claims to have 500 000 monthly active Bet Tycoon users through Facebook and is moving into mobile with the development of Android and iOS applications that will allow players to participate on the move.
The company is working on projects across different platforms with a new mobile sports betting game "Fanatical" due for release shortly and says the future development of casino games is at the top of its agenda.