Gambling Fraudster Daniel J. Trolaro Gets 6 years Jail

Monday August 22,2011 :  Former insurance agent scammed $2 million from his clients
The thirty-five-year-old insurance agent who scammed almost Cdn$2 million from his clients , Daniel J. Trolaro, has been sentenced in Oaklands.
Trolaro, who used the proceeds of his criminal activity to fund his online gambling adventures, was handed a six year prison sentence. In July he pleaded guilty to second degree theft, admitting that he defrauded nine clients for whom he was supposed to invest the money.
"Instead he used the majority of the money for online gambling," Attorney General Paula T. Dow said in a press release, revealing that in 2010 Trolaro had been a Prudential insurance broker, dealer and financial planner when he committed the thefts.
Prudential has repaid the victims, who sought restitution.