Felice Masullo sentenced on internet gambling charges

5/26/10 – Felice Masullo (38), who is alleged to have been a member of an organised crime ‘family', was sentenced in a Manhattan court this week to three years imprisonment on charges that included running an illegal internet gambling business and drug offences.
Masullo, who pleaded guilty in November last year, was accused of participating in a racketeering enterprise, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to operate an illegal online sports betting business. His brothers, Angelo Masullo (35) and Anthony Masullo (40) pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to extort, and were sentenced to serve seven months and one year, respectively, reports Courthouse News.
Prosecutors said that six of another 12 individuals charged in a February 2009 federal indictment – including the Genovese family's acting boss, Daniel Leo, also have pleaded guilty.
Felice Masullo operated a loan-sharking, online gambling business and a drug ring out of a restaurant he co-owned with his brothers, investigations revealed.