Friday September 16,2011 : Winslow proposal included in land casino expansion bill
Massachsetts Republican Daniel Winslow's proposal to legalise intrastate internet poker in Massachusetts made it through the state House of Assembly this week as an amendment to a wider bill expanding land gambling in the state.
The Winslow amendment, one of several included in the gambling bill, proposes allowing up to five Internet poker companies to operate within the state, and suggests tasking the proposed state gaming commission with analysing and developing the required legalization for intrastate Internet poker.
"This amendment was aimed at creating high-tech job opportunities in Massachusetts, as well as increased local aid revenue," Winslow said in a statement.
"It is important to remember that 1,700 foreign companies already offer Internet poker, so state regulation will ensure that consumers are not being cheated."
The Winslow amendment calls for the model intrastate legalization to be ready for consideration by July 2012, and formed part of a wider piece of legalization seeking to licence three land casinos in the state – a contentious project that has been debated for the past two years.
The bill will now go to the state senate for further deliberations.