Negreanu Hits Isildur1 For 26k

Posted 3/29/11 : Negreanu takes one off Blom
Last week's SuperStar Showdown saw Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom take Daniel ‘Kid Poker' Negreanu for $150 000, but this time around it was Negreanu who came out on top, albeit after a tough fight.
The two volatile aces clashed again on four virtual tables of $50/$100 NLHE in an exciting rematch over 2 500 hands at Pokerstars this week, and it initially looked as if Negreanu would go down again to his Swedish opponent; by the time the action had reached the halfway point Negreanu has almost burned through his $150 000 stake.
However, although clearly rattled, the poker pro kept his cool and managed to stage a comeback that saw him complete the 2 500 hands up by $26 500.
Sportsmanship was shown by both players as the heads up ended, with Isildur1 generous in his congratulations, and Negreanu commenting: “Isildur1 is incredible. I hope to do a training session with him one day. He’s the best.”
The SuperStar leader board shows that Blom has beaten Dan ‘Jungleman12' Cates, TonyG, Eugene Katchalov and Negreanu, and lost one each to Negreanu and Isaac Haxton.
The competition continues Sunday when Scott ‘urnotindangr' Palmer faces Blom.