Saturday October 8, 2011 : NEW GAMBLING EXCLUSION TOOL
Player provides an easy way for online gamblers to self-exclude
I-gaming hub Player has announced the availability of a new and effective online self-exclusion tool for gamblers concerned about their wagering behaviour.
Company manager Mark Dalton says the tool is a solution to a problem that has challenged operators for years, and that it is clean and simple to use, both for gamblers wishing to self-exclude, and members of staff who oversee the security of online gaming sites.
Dalton says that online gambling sites wishing to tap into the tool need only sign up with Player Verify, which will give access to a search function that allows them to check problem players against Player Verify's self-exclusion database.
“Since gaming authorities worldwide require gaming sites to offer some sort of self-exclusion option, this innovative solution provides a way to do just that, plus it enables a more unified system for self-exclusion practices throughout the entire industry,” Dalton said.
“The more gaming sites using the function, the more effective it will be,” he added