Wrong Lotto Ticket Wins 2.1 Million

December 26, 2012 :  CHRISTMAS LUCK
Sold the wrong ticket – but it hit a $2.1 million jackpot!
There was a double helping of Christmas luck for a New Hampshire man this week when a ticket he was sold in error turned up trumps and won him $2.1 million.
Scott Bennett (48) thought he was buying a Lucky for Life lottery ticket but was mistakenly issued two Megabucks tickets instead… and one of them hit the 2.1-million-dollar Tri-State Megabucks jackpot.
On a whim, the 48-year-old stopped at the Circle K convenience store in his hometown of Hillsborough and told the clerk he wanted one ticket each for the Lucky for Life and Megabucks games, but as fortunate fate would have it, the clerk misunderstood his order and issued two Megabucks tickets.
Opting for a one-time lump payment of $1.3 million, Bennett said he will use the sudden windfall to pay down student loan debt for two of his children, send a third child to college, remodel the kitchen, and maybe purchase a few extra Christmas presents.