Warning on Promotion of Online Gambling

5/28/10 – Managers at government-owned media companies were rebuffed when they tried to lift a blanket ban on promoting or reporting on activities such as gambling, smoking or alcohol this week.
The ban, which affects the state lottery, broadcasting and television activities and government information services is government policy in the African country.
Welile Dlamini, chief editor of the Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services, asked why state owned media were banned from reporting anything on gambling, reports the Swaziland Observer. He suggested that state owned media be at least allowed to use their discretion where gambling was involved, following the example of US media in carrying disclaimers that certain activities can be harmful.
In response, Prime Minister Dr. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini advised state owned media to stick to policy. “Government’s stance is clear, so state owned media cannot even use their discretion where this is concerned, but they are advised to simply ignore all gambling activities. Even if you are interviewing someone and that person mentions something about gambling, just cut the interview,” the Prime Minister insisted.
Swaziland is home to both land and online gambling companies.