New LVS SportsBook

Pay-as-you-grow rental scheme
UK-based sportsbetting and gaming software provider LVS has launched a white label sportsbook offer for start-up's called ABP in a BOX.
According to LVS, the product is an all-in-one sportsbook solution complete with the required hardware and middleware which comes pre-loaded with the ABP software suite.
This is a mobile system that can be installed anywhere delivered in a case with handle and wheels,” said Simon Ordish, chief executive officer of LVS.
Andy Chalker, ABP Product Owner explained: “We actually pre-configure some of the more complex features to ensure that it is extremely easy to manage with minimal care thanks to data feeds and built-in automated controls. Crucially though, the operator is still very much in charge of their Sportsbook. This is a technically managed service where the operator is still a true bookmaker in charge of their own destiny.”
The company foresees the product acting as an "entry point for LVS' new pay-as-you-grow" rental scheme.