AfricaLotto launches App

Friday September 12,2014 : NEW LOTTERY APP FOR ZIMBABWE
Africans on the move can now buy lottery tickets online.
AfricaLotto, a Zimbabwean lottery provider owned by Hammer and Tongues Holdings, has announced the launch of its first app, an Android-compatible product that will for the first time enable Zimbabweans to bet on a range of lottery games whilst on the move.
Games like Bonus Lotto, Fast Lotto and Lucky Numbers will all be accessible, although verification of ID and age procedures must first be completed.
Zimbabweans are also working on an online sports betting enterprise, according to reports in May this year from the StartUp Weekend competition for local entrepreneurs.
The runner up in the $78,000 competition was MoneyGame, which has developed an online sports betting platform. Punters who win are given a reference number that can be used when redeeming their winnings at specific outlets, and they can re-deploy their winnings to place more bets on the platform.