AGA is open to Internet Gambling Regulation

3/26/10 – The CardPlayer magazine interview with Frank Fahrenkopf, chief executive of the American Gaming Association, has been followed by a position statement from the trade association, which represents major land gambling operators.
Shifting its neutral position, the AGA statement confirms that it is "open to the concept of legalized Internet gambling, so long as there is a regulatory regime that is put in place that protects the consumer and protects the integrity of the game.
"After considerable study…our concerns about technology have been eliminated by advancements in the field, and the AGA believes that the technology now exists to properly regulate Internet gambling with appropriate law enforcement oversight and to provide appropriate consumer protections for individuals gambling online.
"However, the AGA also believes that existing laws do not adequately protect the millions of Americans who gamble online every day." 
Fahrenkopf said the group might feel compelled to back legalization as momentum for regulation grows.