Alchymedes : New Online Slot

Alchymedes challenges players to rise through levels for reward.
As the title suggests, the theme for the new Yggdrasil slot launched this week is the ancient alchemists and their concoctions, which supports a 5 reel and 4 rows with 60 lines L-R and R-L game with a claimed RTP of 96.20 percent.
Features include 15,000 wild patterns and a level completion multiplier. After each level is completed, the Alchemist’s scale appears and players have an opportunity choose either adding more wilds to build a an expanding pattern or more multipliers.
Players progress through levels by completing wild symbol patterns; at the start of each level, a pattern is drawn and when players spin in a wild symbol, this spreads along the reels according to the pattern that was drawn. On the completion of each level, the Alchemist’s scale appears and players can choose from the green wild potion or the red multiplier potion. The green will increase wild patterns while the red offers up to 5x multiplier payouts.
Multipliers are given for successive levels (there are 200 of them) when players cumulatively fill all reel positions with wins