Written on  4/11/11 By staff writer Anthony Aperman :

Men aged 18 to 34 particularly at risk, says Minister

Launching a new information campaign targeted on young men aged 18 to 34 this week, the South Australian Minister for Gambling, Bernard Finnegan, warned that increasing opportunities to gamble over the internet or by using mobile phones have made young men more vulnerable to becoming problem gamblers.

"Often this [18 to 34] age group is unaware of their gambling problem or don't know at what stage their gambling can become a problem," he said.

Families and Communities Minister Jennifer Rankine said the advertising campaign would target an audience who were at risk of developing a gambling problem, but who could be difficult to reach with general awareness campaigns.

"It highlights the fact that in many cases, what gamblers stand to win is actually things they have already lost through compulsive gambling, such as relationships and employment," Ms Rankine said.

"The adverts encourage these young men to visit a new website, Win Back Your, where they can answer a series of questions about gambling that will provide more information about where to get help if needed.

"Dealing with problem gambling at the early stages can prevent the problem from getting worse to the point where the gambler loses everything," the minister said.