18 Australian Casino Executives Arrested in China

Crown Resorts managers among 18 arrested by Chinese police on undisclosed charges.
The Australian Sunday media is speculating on the reasons for the arrest of 18 employees of Australian land casino company Crown Resorts, including thee senior executives visiting from Australia, by Chinese police last week.
The police have yet to detail the charges leading to the arrests, and Crown headquarters has commented:
Crown believes that a number of our employees in China are being questioned by local authorities and at this time we can provide no further details.
There is speculation that the arrests may in some way be associated with the Chinese governments continuing crackdown on gambling advertising, which is apparently illegal in China.
One of the visiting Aussies arrested is Jason OConnor, Crown Resorts Executive General Manager of international VIP services, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. OConnor is in charge of a program designed to bring overseas high rollers to Crown Casino in Melbourne, the newspaper notes.