Posted 1/12/11 : Cdn7.6 million hit for British Columbia punter
The official British Columbia online gambling site,, has recorded its first major winner – a Vancouver Island resident who hit the site's online lottery jackpot for Cdn$7.6 million. has offered a range of online gambling genres since the Canadian province approved online gambling last year (see previous InfoPowa reports)
Judith Pennyfeather, who purchased a Lotto 6/49 ticket on the site, matched 6/6 numbers to win.
"It was a surprise to get the email in my inbox," she told site managers. "It was so easy to just purchase my lottery ticket online, but you still never expect to win such a huge prize."  She is still reportedly stunned by her good fortune and has not yet decided what to do with the windfall.
"This is a very significant win to us at British Columbia Lottery Corporation," said Michael Graydon, BCLC president & CEO. "We're absolutely delighted that Miss Pennyfeather has set a new record as not only the largest ever online lottery jackpot winner in BC, but in all of Canada. Congratulations to her on this exceptional win.