BetatHome 2015 full year analysis


Improvement in efficiencies pays off.

Betclic-Everest Group-owned Bet-At-Home AG delivered a strong 2015 full year analysis showing robust growth in gross gaming revenues and EBT despite additional tax burdens.

Key performance indicators for the full year period include:

–    Earnings before taxes (EBT) amounted to Euro 32.9 million (FY 2014: Euro 27.5 million).

–    Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) reached Euro 30.8 million (FY 2014: Euro 25.8 million), up 20 percent.

–    EBITDA of Euro 31.7 million (2014: Euro 26.7 million).

–    13.6 percent increase in gross gaming revenues to Euro 121.6 million (FY 2014: Euro 107.0 million).

–    Net gaming revenues of Euro 100.3 million (FY 2014: 94.7 million).

–    Gaming volume generated by amounted to Euro 2,410.8 million (FY 2014: Euro 2,136.4 million), up 12.8 percent.

–    Around 4.3 million registered customers (FY 2014: 4.0 million.

–    Liquid assets and securities at the level of Euro 50.1 million. paid Euro 14.5 million in betting fees and gaming levies during 2015 (FY 2014: Euro 12.3 million) and felt the impact of new VAT regulations for electronic services providers within the European Union which amounted to Euro 6.8 million.

The board is upbeat on the company prospects saying the executive expects a 10 percent increase in gross gaming revenues for the 2016 fiscal year and EBITDA of Euro 30 million, assuming that the regulatory and fiscal environment remains as is.