Good Quarter Preformance For BetatHome

Increased customer base and reduction in advertising strengthens bottom line
BetClic Everest Group subsidiary Bet-At-Home published its first quarter 2013 results this week, saying the results confirm the operation's growth path.
The company said the continuous and intensive acquisition of new customers, combined with the reactivation of existing customers, successfully strengthened the brand further with registered customers now amounting to over 3.3 million.
Key performance indicators for the three month period ending March 31, 2013 include:
•       Gross gaming revenue (Hold) increased by 7.5 percent to Euro 22.69 million (Q1/2012: Euro 21.11 million).
•       Net gaming revenue (Hold minus betting and gaming tax) improved by 3.3 percent to Euro 19.47 million (Q1/2012: Euro 18.85 million).
•       Group result before taxes is Euro 3.55 million (Q1/2012: Euro 2.10 million).
•       Betting fees and gambling levies amounted to a cumulative Euro 3.22 million in the first quarter of 2013 (Q1/2012: Euro 2.27 million).
•       Advertising expenses amounted to Euro 9.99 million (1st quarter 2012: Euro 11.09 million).
•       Group EBITDA increased significantly to Euro 3.45 million (Q1/2012: Euro 1.94 million), up 77.8 percent.
•       Group annual net profit increased by 62.9 percent and amounts to Euro 2.33 million (Q1/2012: Euro 1.43 million).