App Developers provided enhanced service to build Betfair interfaces and products
Betfair has opened up its Application Programming Interface (API), providing live data from the Betfair Exchange, to the App developer community through its new App Cloud Service.
The new service will encourage app developers to create new Betfair products encompassing mobile apps, widgets, websites and others, which would be hosted on Betfair's Private App Cloud.
According to Computer World UK, developers who join the Betfair Affiliate Programme will be able to earn a revenue share on their app developments from customers who sign up for their app or by charging users a subscription fee.
Interestingly, interfaces and applications belonging to or built by third party developers reportedly account for 20 percent of Betfair's sports exchange revenues, which it expects to grow with its latest offering.
"Our App Cloud will further enhance the dynamism and productivity of Betfair's developer community and in turn make more Betfair products accessible to more customers," said Carel Vosloo, Betfair's App Cloud director.  "Having a vibrant developer community enables Betfair to outsource ingenuity and facilitate further innovation in its product range."