Posted 3/10/11 : Players use the remote to place bets on UK and European football games
Online gambling group Betfair has unveiled its first interactive football betting app on the video-on-demand platform FetchTV, reports New Media Age.
The app lets FetchTV customers registered with Betfair place bets on UK and European football matches using the entertainment platform’s remote control.
The latest odds are furnished to players during the matches, which the app overlays onto the Freeview channel being viewed. All transactions are handled directly by the peer-to-peer betting company’s online system.
Betfair spokesman Simon Miller said this week that the company has pan to launch other sports apps on the FetchTV platform.
“We see services via broadband as a great way of delivering a first-class, live and interactive entertainment experience to sports fans”, he said.
The app launch is part of a Betfair initiative to put mobile at the centre of its development. In January, the betting firm reported a 100 percent increase in sign-ups via mobile over the last year.
The app was created by TV platform developer IP Vision and marks the first interactive service to be launched via a Freeview set-top box.