Betmaker Accounts Transferred to Bookmaker

Thursday February 7,2013 : CHANGES AT BETMAKER
Player accounts moved to
According to the sports betting information website Sports Book Review, player accounts at online betting exchange Betmaker have been transferred to the Bookmaker sportsbook following a merge of the two companies this week.
Players have been notified that they can log-in to Bookmaker by adding an "L" to the end of their account IDs.
All players balances are currently being transferred to the new system.
Almost two years ago the two sites were among a number of US-facing sports betting sites shut down by American enforcement authorities. Bookmaker, Betmaker, and were all alleged to have been involved in unlawful conduct associated with US financial and internet sportsbetting laws

Bookmaker, which has been in the online bookie business since the ‘nineties, subsequently changed its domain to, but later went back to Bookmaker with a .eu suffix.