Friday September 23, 2011 : New game chat widget said to enhance the player experience
Bet Smart Media has launched its Twitter ‘game chat’ widget, powered by, as a white-label solution by Sports Interaction.
As Sports Interaction’s customers browse sports matchup pages, the Twitter-powered ‘game chat’ widget displays real-time tweets that are relevant to the game the customer is browsing.
The customer also has the ability to participate in the conversation, and can sign into Twitter in a couple clicks – all without leaving the Sports Interaction website, the first online sportsbook to integrate Twitter this deeply.
“We’re excited to be working with Sports Interaction,” said Jesse Learmonth, president of the company, this week. “It is a respected brand that has earned peoples’ trust since 1997. Sports Interaction ‘gets’ the impact of social media, and furthers its reputation as an industry innovator with an interactive Twitter application integrated right into the sportsbook.
“We make it easy for sportsbooks to give customers a platform to voice their opinion on the game. Or for those customers that just want to see what everyone else is saying, they can quickly scan the game chat stream.”
In the case of Sports Interaction, it delivers engaging social content to its customers, who consequently spend more time on the site participating in game chats, he added.