Saturday September 10,2011 : First Euro 100 000 achieved in just 20 minutes and 13 rounds of play
A player at the Malta-based online casino and sportsbook won almost Euro 100,000 in cash after only 20 minutes and 13 rounds of play on its Live Casino Roulette game this week, the casino management has announced.
Moreover, the UK- resident punter’s good fortune didn’t stop there as he went on to claim an additional Euro 80,000 following 29 rounds of Live Casino Roulette only two days later.
The two triumphs totalling almost Euro 180,000 mean that the player has become the biggest overall Live Casino winner at since the real-time service was launched in April this year.
“Live Casino was launched in April of 2011 and we had, of course, seen winnings but never at this level up to this streak of luck,” said casino manager Kim Larsen.