1/21/10 – A large British land and online bingo group is trying to develop marketing synergy between its operations by launching affiliate marketing style rewards to its staff.
Beacon Bingo has land gambling sites across the UK through its Bingo and Showboat businesses, and launched an online operation branded BeaconBingo.com in November last year. 

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The group has now come up with a new rewards scheme through which it will credit management staff at its land operations with 25 percent of the live gaming win generated by customers recruited to the online operation through the rewards scheme, assisting them to lift operational income.
Explaining the benefits of the scheme, Beacon's interactive operations exec Chris Drake said: “The club managers are very influential because their customers are right in front of them, not scattered all over the internet. Not only that, but they are the sort of customers who tend to be very loyal compared to the typical online player, who hops from site to site. We think this initiative makes perfect sense for both sides of our business.”