Saturday October 8, 2011 : Introduction would benefit bookmakers and the exchequer
Bookmakers are in talks with Irish decision makers to utilise tablet technology in their betting shops enabling customers to place bets with them rather than online, according to a report in the Irish Sunday Business Post.
Tablet technology is reportedly being met more "sympathetically" by Government officials as opposed to the fixed odds betting terminal proposals that have met with strong resistance from the Irish Government.
The discussions lean towards tablet technology mimicking what online punters are doing anyway as opposed to fixed odds betting terminals that require money to be fed directly into the machine.
Joe Lewis, managing director, Ladbrokes Ireland is quoted in the article as saying: ‘‘Forget betting terminals, they are too emotive a subject."
The upside of the introduction of tablet technology online betting in shops would be to the benefit of the exchequer by enabling tax to be captured on the placed bets as the bet would be linked to the betting shop.