BubbleRush New Pokerstars Tournament


“Fast track to the fun part of a tournament”.

PokerStars has launched Bubble Rush, a new tournament that fast tracks players to the “fun part of a tournament, without all those stressful preliminaries”.

Bubble Rush tournaments begin quickly. The blinds go up fast with the intention of getting players to the money after an hour of play. Then, PokerStars “puts the brakes on” taking away the hyper-turbo structure and easing the blinds back to those of a regular tournament. 

If players have put together a big stack they are guaranteed time to play, and a boost to their bank roll.

“No more waiting to reach the fun part, or falling short. Youll be through the bubble and into the money in about an hour. Think of it as bringing the "hurry up and wait" philosophy to the online poker world,” the company said.

Over 20 Bubble Rush events occur each day with buy-ins ranging from $0.55 to $109.  PokerStars are staging a Bubble Rush Challenge for the next week to mark the launch of these new events.