C4U Getd Emoney License

Virtual currency on the agenda?
mybet subsidiary C4U-Malta Ltd (C4U) has been granted a provisional e-money licence by the Maltese Ministry for Finance.
C4U will be able to offer payment transaction services across the European Union making it independent of third-party banks for its payment transactions, affording it lower transaction costs and allowing it to earn additional income.
The receipt of the licence, the final of which is expected within three months, additionally enables C4U to offer its services to other providers and create its own virtual currency along the lines of a BitCoin..
Mathias Dahms, Management Board spokesman of mybet Holding Holding SE, remarked: "We are very proud that in future we will have our own partial banking licence. The permit makes us more independent of the services of third-party banks and we can guarantee that the gaming products of our participating interests satisfy the EU's exacting standards for transactions in the gaming sector. We are convinced that such services are set to enjoy increasing demand in the future. Through C4U we are active in a very exciting and lucrative specialist market."