Session On Pros and Cons Of Internet Poker In California

Assemblyman wants to fully consider all aspects of online poker as legalization again moves centre stage.
After expressing optimism earlier this year on the chances of online poker being legalised at last in California, it appears that California Assemblyman Isadore Hall is taking the initiative in organising an informational session on the pros and cons of the issue.
The usually well-informed online poker blogger Marco Valerio tweeted Monday: "California Assembly GO Committee, chaired by @IsadoreHall, will reportedly have an informational hearing on online poker on April 23, 1pm."
There is tantalisingly little detail available regarding the agenda for the meeting, but there are currently two online poker legalization measures before the state legislature, SB 1366 and AB2291, both at committee stage.
SB 1366 envisages card clubs and tribal casinos offering online poker with operator licenses of 10 years duration, whilst rival bill AB 2291 strongly features tribal interests such as the Pechanga Band and is more restrictive in nature.