01/08/2012 : Governor Brown sceptical that new tax revenues from legalised online poker could significantly address the state's $9 billion budget deficit
California Governor Jerry Brown played down the likely contribution of legalised online poker tax revenues to the state's depleted coffers this week, saying that such revenues might assist, but that they could not solve the state's $9 billion budget deficit problem.
Proponents of legalization in California estimate that up to $1.4 billion in tax revenues could accrue to the state government over the next decade.
During his budget announcement Thursday, Governor Brown said he was not yet ready to declare his position on legalization.
"But I would be skeptical that there’s huge amounts of revenue in that, although there certainly could be some," Brown said during a news conference.
Different groups are forming around competing bills seeking the legalise online gambling in the statewhich sponsors hope to push through this year after being thwarted by delays in 2011. The measures call for legalised intrastate online poker, but with different ideas on organisation and who is to benefit.