Casino Swiss Warned on Illegal Gambling

Online casino accused of offering illegal online gambling
The Swiss Federal Council's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs  has posted a strong warning on its website against Casino Swiss at which it says offers illegal online gambling and falsely creates the impression of being connected to Switzerland through the use of the Swiss coat of arms and numerous other references.
"The application of Swiss law is limited to the national territory. Since the companies have no legal representation in Switzerland, the companies cannot be held accountable at the present time," the statement said while at the same time warning Swiss citizens that under current law the operation of gambling games on the internet is illegal and that the online gambling games offered on the website have "never been approved by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board". proudly advertises its ownership as belonging to digital entertainment plc, operated by Electra Work Limited and its subsidiary iGlobal Media Entertainment, managed by Global Gaming Net; and as being a member of the GGN Club featuring 11 gaming websites.
SECO has pointed out various marketing tools used to advertise's offering namely;  "Swiss Casino", the use of "Swiss Quality" as a marketing slogan and the visual use of the Swiss coat of arms; as being entirely misleading and deceiving as it has no relationship to or connection to Switzerland whatsoever.
SECO is of the opinion that the use of the material is a violation of both Switzerland's Federal Act against Unfair Competition and the Federal Act on the Protection of the Swiss Coat of Arms.