Chinese Report On Internet Gambling Blitz

3/31/10 – The multi-ministry war being waged by the Chinese government on Internet gambling  continues to hammer companies as well as individuals, according to a progress report issued this week by the Ministry of Culture.
The Xinhua news agency reports that Ministry officials Tuesday revealed that recent operations have seen 100 businesses "punished or closed for violating laws or regulations on Internet games, including the spread of lewd or violent content, unauthorized operation of online games, and employment of cheating tools and unauthorized game servers."
It also appears that action has been taken against those facilitating virtual money transactions; the report notes that 30 violations of online games regulations on virtual money have been "dealt with" after being reported by the public. In June 2009 the government introduced laws  banning the use of virtual currency in the trade of real goods and services, and the use of virtual currency for gambling or money laundering.
Violations of the virtual currency regulation would be the focus of the next stage in the Chinese crackdown, the statement said.