Manager of Full Tilt Poker’s pro team, Chris Porter, has reportedly left the company

Wednesday August 24,2011 : Reasons for departure unknown
The manager of Full Tilt Poker's pro team, Chris Porter, has reportedly left the company's employ just days after his colleague, chief marketing officer Lothar Rentschler, also departed
Porter, who managed international poker ace Patrik Antonius during a previous employment with Poker Royalty, has not commented publicly on his exit, which was initially reported by the poker information site, and his reasons for leaving are therefore not yet known.
"Mr. Porter’s resignation/release is allegedly accompanying the widespread termination of all Full Tilt Poker U.S.-based personnel, with the notable exception of fellow team manager Rich Bitar, who remains employed," Quadjacks reported.
Poker professional Nick Rainey claimed earlier this year that Porter multi-accounted while employed by Full Tilt Poker, playing on other accounts that included that of his wife, an allegation to which Porter has not responded.