Crown Casino runs afoul of Crown Bingo

Friday September 23, 2011 : AUSSIE GAMBLING BRAND BLOCKED IN U.K.
Crown Casino runs afoul of Crown Bingo
The Australian land casino group Crown Limited's plans to extend its brand to online gambling operations in England have run into difficulties following an objection lodged by the British online bingo operator Crown Bingo.
The Brit firm lodged a complaint after the Australians made a trade mark application in August, and intend to fight to retain the brand, reportedly causing the Australians to back off for now.
Crown Bingo spokesman Ian Erskine said his company's objection had been successful. "They have pulled the online application on the back of the trade mark objection from Crown Bingo,” he said, referring to the Australian application.
Erskine also indicated that Crown Bingo would resist any further attempts to usurp its brand in the UK, saying: “We have spent many millions on building the Crown brand in UK, and we don’t see why Crown Casino should benefit from that."